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Arlo Alive & Well @ Massey Hall


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Wow wow wow wow wow...never did I think that I would see Arlo Guthrie and hear Alice's Restaurant and all his other sweet tunes accompanied by great stories and anecdotes...

Yes, I did "stealth" it and it came out beautifully as I was set up front row on the balcony...if someone can fill me in on the legality of posting this recording and not land in any hot water, I'd be more than happy to put this up on our site...

I will try to get some "Arlo-dotes" up ASAP until I know I can get some music up...

Nice to meet Large Marge finally!!!

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I see a few AG shows on


and some Googling



Arlo Guthrie's Official Taping Policy:

Arlo has often allowed recording by amatures at venues when and where it is not forbidden or regulated or conflicts in any way with the usual way things are done. Sales of these recorded materials is forbidden and it is intended only for fans to trade and share.



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Thank you can-o-phish, I borrowed mics to record also, but dropped the ball & left em in Hamilton, we were also first balcony. I would be very interested in a lossless copy of the show...

Great set, the Woody stories & songs at the end had me smilin' ear to ear.

Great seeing neugroove & his gal, also running into Large Marge was a treat.Too bad we couldn't have crossed paths as well can-o-phish, next time perhaps.

Highlights for me were (aside from everything!):

In my Darkest Hour

Patriot Dream

Mr. Tambourine Man

Alice's Restaurant

Motorcycle song

City Of New Orleans

This Land is our land

My Peace (my personal favourite of the night)

All the great stories, Dylan mentions and most of all, the Woody's song story, never have I heard a cooler thing then what Arlo's sister is/was doing with all those unreleased & unfinished Woody tunes, made my eyes well up to know she did that. Beautiful.

And seeing his daughter show up to sing a few was a nice surprise for me, as well to Arlo it seemed.

Huge thanks to Stone Mtn who made this evening possible for me & my friend. Thanks buddy, I owe ya, no matter what ya say.


Greg (once known as, Esau)

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this is one of those times that i might actually save my ticket stub. something i don't ever do. but this show was great great great! michelle loved it too. it was worth the stress of driving in t.o. for this show. thanks stone mountain. the check is in the mail.


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Indeed! I didn't really know what to expect (hell, I wasn't expecting anything really... I got a call with free tix at about 7:30pm!) Who knew Arlo was such a card?!? I mean I've heard Alice's Restaurant and all, but I thought that was just a thing, not a representation of his whole persona! I have to admit, I started nodding off about 10 minutes in to his story about Joseph, his coat and the sons of David and all but a sharp elbow to my ribs, and I woke to hear it all came round into a heartwarming piece of Americana, once again.

This guy is living history kids, and a true folk artist in every sense.

Great running into a few unexpected Skanks as well :) Can-o-phish; a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Now that we're friends, you mind burning me a copy of that 09/05/06 Massey Hall show? Remember that? What a night!

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Glad you like you Whistler-mountain-lawyer :o

I have yet to transfer the entire evening. Unfortunately I missed the first tune and only was able to hit record during the second tune Mr. Tambourine Man but after that it's all good...

When I have the show transferred, edited & mastered I will start getting copies out to those who are interested...the stories alone are worth having this in your collection...

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