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Trey Anastasio 10/22/06 Twist & Shout Record Store


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This was a special acoustic in-store performance.

Sample In A Jar

The Inlaw Josie Wales

Sleep Again

A Case Of Ice And Snow

Back On The Train*



Camel Walk >

Chalk Dust Torture

*right before Back on the Train they he played "Page's New Shirt" after a dude yelled it out.

Camel Walk???

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Just got back from the Ann Arbor show...it was amazing. Plasma, MLC, Jiboo and Mr. Completely were the highlights as well as the 4 song acoustic encore. I will post a full review tommorow. Check out these pics and video.

10/21/06 Michigan Theatre

Ann Arbor, MI October 21, 2006 08:02 PM

Set One

Mr. Completely

Goodbye Head

Push on til the Day


What's Done

Sleep Again


Set Two

Gotta Jiboo


Host Across the Potomac

Money Love and Change

Bar 17

Come as Melody (w/Skeeto Valdez)


Inlaw Josie Wales (Acoustic)

Sample in a Jar (Acoustic)

Wilson (Acoustic)

Chalkdust Torture (Acoustic)


Wilson dedicated to Michigan quaterback Chad Henne who went to Wilson High School in PA

Ann Arbor Pics

You can find some video here... Ann Arbor Vids

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