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Z-Trip Uneasy Listening V.1 MP3 Download

Jay Funk Dawg

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Check out this week's EYE Magazine. Electronica writer Denise Benson interviewed Z-Trip and had this to say.

"Just got off the phone from chatting with him ( DJ Z-Trip) and we had a

wicked conversation. Really glad this fell into place. I so love talking

with other people who've been playing for this long, who still love

music, and have so much to say."

Check out her interview this week; www.eyeweekly.com

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uneasy listening is ollllld. i've had it for at least 4 years - just looked it up and it was released in 2001. is he touring to promote it? or just a nice mixtape to hype the show? either way, there's some interesting and some not-so-interesting stuff on it.

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there are some mixes i really like on there, can't quite recall them from memory at the moment, but yeah, there is some cheeze as well. like all albums i guess. he's solid live though, plays lots of hard hard stuff, slayer, rage, with beats... at least he did when i saw him last.

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