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Eric's Trip tonight at Barrymore's


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Marc's project isn't playing on this tour (I'm assuming she's talking about Purple Knight?)

Julie's new band Blue Heeler (Her and Dick Morello) I've never heard before, but she's never done me wrong yet.

I love everything Rick White has done and while I haven't heard anything Chris Thompson has done as Moonsocket for at least 5 years, but I liked it back then. If he plays any Memories Attack stuff that will be a treat.

I have a hunch that I will be loving everything that happens on the stage tonight. They were the band for me from 92-96, so this is gonna be awesome.

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they broke up in 96, got back together for a tour in 2001, played a couple shows last year and are currently touring,

and they sound better than ever. such an amazing show, memory lane overload. it's in my top 3 shows of 2006, and this has been a pretty stacked year taboot.


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You mean the actual album or Rick White's opening slot last night?

Both the Rick White Album and his newest Memoreaper are good, but I like Elevator much more - heavier and more psych. His slot last night was very quiet and everyone in the bar was talking, so I thought it was decent but not great. Didn't exactly hold the room's attention.

Really nice version of Behind the Garage to finish the set though. Bonus points for that one.

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I was confused by the Rick White Album name.

I just got the new CD Memoreaper and the band name on the side is Rick White Album.

Also that's how they were billed for the guelph show that i unfortunately had to miss.

I really like Memoreaper. Some songs are quite psychedelic and at least one sounds like a ween wong.

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