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I was going to take this out of the library at work today. I just stumbled across it in the new arrivals listing. Somebody else had already grabbed it though :( Maybe tomorrow ... you wanna hear it too?




Levon Helm’s first studio recording in 25 years, Dirt Farmer, will be released to the public on October 30, through Dirt Farmer Music LLC in conjunction with Vanguard Records. Levon sings and plays drums, guitar and mandolin on the CD, accompanied by Larry Campbell on guitars and fiddle, and the voices of Amy Helm and Teresa Williams. The record explores songs Levon learned as a boy in Arkansas and others in that style.

“Growing up on a cotton farm in the Arkansas Delta, Dirt Farmer rings true to home,†Levon said. “Amy encouraged me to go all the way back and try to record some of the family songs from home that we always loved best.â€

The record reveals the essential beauty of traditional songs like “Little Birds†and the Stanley Brothers’ “False Hearted Lover Blues,†and takes a new look at Paul Kennerley’s “A Train Robbery,†Buddy and Julie Miller’s “Wide River To Cross†and another sentimental favorite, Lauralyn Dossett’s “Anna Lee.â€

Levon said: “‘The Girl I Left Behind’ was one of the first songs my parents taught me as a child, along with ‘Little Birds’and ‘Blind Child.’ ‘The Poor Old Dirt Farmer’ is a song that my wood-carver musician friend Michael Copus and I learned together when we worked with Jane Fonda on The Dollmaker down in Tennessee. ‘Single Girl, Married Girl’ is one of my favorite songs of the whole session. It gave us the chance to address a traditional standard with the entire rhythm section using non-electric instruments and a full set of drums. It also gave us the chance to monkey up the rhythm of a traditional country beat.â€

The tracks are elevated by the musicianship of Brian Mitchell on piano and accordion, Byron Isaacs on bass, Glenn Patscha on pump organ and George Receli’s percussion. Buddy and Julie Miller contribute backing vocals on Steve Earle’s “The Mountain.â€

If you have already been a guest at the Barn, make plans to come back! And if you haven’t experienced a Ramble yet, this may be the golden opportunity.

Levon wants to express his deep gratitude to his musical collaborators, the staff at Levon Helm studios and his friends and fans for their loyalty through good times and bad.

“The last few years have proven to me that we truly live in an age of miracles,†he said.

The CD will be available to the general public on October 30.

Dirt Farmer, is now included in Amazon's best sellers list...

1. False Hearted Lover Blues 3:29

2. Poor Old Dirt Farmer 3:52

3. The Mountain 3:35

4. Little Birds 4:41

5. The Girl Left Behind 3:35

6. Calvary 4:53

7. Anna Lee 3:42

8. Got Me a Woman 3:11

9. A Train Robbery 5:28

10. Single Girl, Married Girl 3:18

11. Blind Child 3:26

12. Feelin’ Good 3:31

13. Wide River To Cross 4:52

Help us earn...

...please buy, don't burn.

Dirt Farmer Press-

"Closer to the heart of The Band than anything since The Last Waltz."

-Bill Flanagan, CBS News Sunday Morning

"For my money, the best country album of the year so far."

- Chet Flippo, CMT.com

"Levon's vocals are a welcome miracle... Helm's drawling howl is heavy with the outrage and sorrow of someone with a deep connection to the land and those who live by it."

- David Fricke, Rolling Stone

"I love this record. This may be one of my favorite records of the year."

- Meredith Ochs, NPR's All Songs Considered.

"Levon Helm...is back with a miracle of an album."

- Paste Magazine.com

"Dirt Farmer is an iconic album, this year’s Time Out of Mind or Freedom. Just give him a Grammy."

-Karen Schoemer New York Magazine

CBS News Video "Levon Helm's Life After Cancer"

5 minute clip. Complete video interview coming soon... Courtesy of CBS

Past Magazine: by Andy Whitman

The Soul of Woodstock: By Karen Schoemer

Rolling Stone "Levon Helm Finds His Voice"

Ezine Articles "My Love For Levon Helm and His Music - Hanging My Hopes on Dirt Farmer"

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