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Ottawa Ska Fest


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Sorry if this is already being discussed on another thread (please point me there, if so). I checked the Ottawa Music Listings forum too, but didn't see anything.

Is anyone hitting the Ska Fest? Is anyone familiar enough with any of these bands to recommend what is worth seeing and what isn't?



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Wow, I really really dislike shows that end ~ midnight.

For the brief hour or so that I was there, though, I can say that it was pretty god damn fun. And the dancing was fantastic.

Repeat: the dancing was fantastic.

Brad - the new bayou is the same as the old bayou. Nothing has changed that I noticed. The tables were gone, but I think that was just in order to give the kids some space.

(Oh! And the people working the door were all dressed as cats, complete with an 'I can haz tipz?' jar. That certainly didn't detract from the experience.) Will probably be back tomorrow night.

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