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Road Trips Vol. 2, No. 1 released


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I just drunkenly ordered it because I have always loved those shows. Crazy energy on the audience tapes.

Thanks so much for pointing this out Burnt. Great run of shows. That Dark Star is wicked. The Playin', China > Rider, Let It Grow.....fuuuuuuck. All slay-worthy. So many great versions of songs. Especially the live ones I saw. I pretty much have hated China > Rider ever since this one because every other one paled in comparison (aside from 04-01-91, although it has got it's own faults). I so wish I saw anything from this run.

Thanks Burnt and gofuckyourself if any of ya'll think I just bought this as a Xmas gift for you. I bought it for myself. This is something you should buy. Seriously, you wont believe what happens when you are stoned and listening to this shit. "Did I just hear that? What did I just hear? Where am I? Holy fack! Who am I?"

AngryBooche circa 1992'd. It's a wild ride.

PS: Hamilton gives me boners.


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Now you've got me thinking about Phoebe Cates instead of MSG 1990!

I once had this whole run on cassette, and it was generally awesome. Haven't heard any of it for years aside from the one show (the 16th?) that was released as a Dick's Picks, but if it's as good as I recall, the neighbours will be getting an education on Bruce Hornsby really soon.

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