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It was mentioned on the Dr. Dog where have you been all my life thread but deserves, no demands, its own thread.

Unlike their studio material, Dr. Dog turn into something quite different when playing live. I cannot overstate how lucky I consider myself for having been at the Elmo last Oct. when they came through town. I had only heard a few live tracks, and it was enough to arouse my curiosity. At first, they're sound reminded me a lot of phish, who I really really don't like. They had a very playful, happy and uptempo sound, something that you could not help but want to dance and move to. But their songs were fairly short, not jammed out, more like concise well crafted pop tunes. And their vocals were absolutely stunning. Unbelievable 3 and 4 part vocal harmonies that they executed FLAWLESSLY. They also had some very Allmans-esque dual guitar lines that flowed and moved throughout each song. This was a band that, for me, had everything. More than, this is a band unlike any other out there right now. Something truly unique and original, and yes I say that in spite of their near constant comparison to the Beatles, which yes even live their songs sound like a Beatles song. Not too shabby a comparison either.

Go and see this band if you consider yourself a fan of live music. They are an amazing and truly rewarding musical and artistic experience.

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