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Help a man relive his childhood?


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I'm trying to find the name of a cartoon I used to watch on TVO as a kid.

The premise is that it's a boy and his dog in a magical dreamland.

The opening theme starts with the boy's mother tucking him into bed and turning off the light. Then, after his mother leaves the room and closes the door, the boy jumps out of bedand opens up a trap door in the floor that leads to a crazy slide. His big shaggy dog follows.

The animation was not too unlike Yellow Submarine. I remember there was a big balloon the boy used to ride around to fulfil the plot of the episode from time to time, and lots of crazy psychedelic dreaminess.

It would have been on TV in Canada (or possibly PBS in New York State) in the early to mid eighties.

Sure that's 25 years ago...hopefully someone else has seen this, as it was a great cartoon.

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It was TOTALLY Jamie and the Magic Torch!!!!

Belle and Sebastian was also a favourite.

And the BarbaPapas.

There was also this stop motion show that had evil mechanic monsters that looked like steam engines. It had the most amazing score. I bet the 'composers' had an awful lot of fun with synthesizers and tape echo machines.

Again, if you remember the name of that, i appreciate these little things.

(thank you thank you thank you schwa)

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