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New Dr. Dog Album - Shame Shame


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I believe that while Dr Dog gets an 8.853 on my scale of good tunes, that number gets an "in the know" rating of only 8.3, as lets face it folks- people know this band. Hell they even like them quite a bit.....Its catchy, but its known.

As for Fruit Bats, I have to agree with king/ zero that one singular output- The Ruminant Band- is far better than anything Dr. Dog have to offer. I'd give them at least an 8.72. Adjusted for "in the know" status I'd have to say this is a 9.1.

The Dog while I love them immensely, is just not quite as deep, either in its music or its lyrical content.

Kung- 1

Dr. Dog/ the rest of us- 0

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Guest Low Roller

Yeah, I gotta admit, I've tried giving the Dr. Dog album numerous tries and it's really not doing anything for me. They were also the musical guests on some late night show and they bored me quite significantly.

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