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The best new pyschedlelic band is Bear In Heaven


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It seemed odd to me at Bluesfest that nobody seemed to have Bear In Heaven on their radar. Their album Beast Eat Rest Forth Mouth (I think I got that right) is phenomenal and they were definitely in Pitchfork's top 50 last year and really the new vanguard of psychedelia.

I can't begin to describe how much Bear In Heaven's music has grown on me over the summer after their (notoriously slept upon) set at Ottawa Bluesfest. I think they're a band that needs to be seen live (and preferably with an audience more engaged or at least versed in their material than Ottawa's was). They're definitely up there with their presumed Brooklyn peers like Yeasayer and Vampire Weekend.

I like the Twin Shadow remix more (for another George Lewis Jr. track as Twin Shadow check the ultra-melodic Castles In The Snow - it never occured to me from his photo that he could be THE George Lewis Jr., likely now that I think about it) than the Arclike one so I synced 185 stills of their set to it. It was actually the first of a long series of these projects and the song length, limitations of the pixellation of the camera, a handful of other dynamics, and just basically a happy edit left me with this piece I'm really chuffed about.


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