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Ratdog 11/06/03 State Theater - Detroit, MI


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Good show... good time, etc. We got there mid BE Women. First set highlight was the Watchtower. Everyone I talked to wanted to here Circumstance...

Got up front for the second set. It just took off. Simply awesome set. Lots of dancin'. Highlight was definitely Circumstance and > The Wheel > Drums/Keys/Sax > Birdsong& > Jam& > St. Steven > William Tell Bridge > The Eleven& > China Cat Sunflower& > I Know You Rider

It all flowed very psychedelically!

- <- actual size [Razz]

Ratdog, on a number of occasions, got into that Deady sounding groove that I so love!

(From ratdog.org)


State Theatre, Detroit, MI

I: Jam > Truckin > Brown-eyed Women, Little Red Rooster > Birdsong > All Along the Watchtower > Odessa, All Over Now > Two Djinn > "Happy Bday Kenny B"+

II: Blackbird@3 > Friend of the Devil@3, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance > The Wheel > Drums/Keys/Sax& > Birdsong& > Jam& > St. Steven& > William Tell Bridge& > The Eleven& > China Cat Sunflower& > I Know You Rider&

E: Brokedown Palace

+ A cake was brought out and the band and crowd sang happy birthday to Kenny, & - Peter Keys on Keys

Studog shots!



Here's what went down there five years ago, today. (Most definitely not such a smooth and fulfilling show as last night's.):

11/7/1998 State Theatre, Detroit, MI

Bass > Shakedown Street, Walkin Blues > I Need a Miracle > Wang Dang Doodle, She Belongs to Me, Artificial Flowers, Eternity, Friend of the Devil, Minglewood Blues, Bird Song, Easy to Slip > Supplication Jam > Estimated Prophet > Corrina

E: One More Saturday Night

Bonus picture:


Nice pics S2!

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Well I wasn't at last night's show, but I caught the show 5 years ago. I hadn't realized that it was 5 year's ago to the day, but it brings back some great memories, specifically that being the night following the Big Sugar/Gov't Mule double bill at the Warehouse/Kool Haus in Toronto. That was one helluva weekend of unbelievable music. [big Grin]

BTW, at the State Theater 5 years ago, my friend got thrown out by the overly aggressive security during Estimated for trying to get back to our established dancing area. How was security there last night? Have they lightened up at all? Besides the security issues, it seemed like a great spot to catch a show.

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..... as i can remember the security was pretty darn good, there was a tone of smoke happening, pipes flow'in, no trouble in that area .

the crowd wasn't the most plesent, a few aggressive dancers, its all those really old folk, i swear there were two old geezers who wouldn't let anyone with in 10 feet of them..

i recall trying to take some pictures and this geezer was just pushing my arm, i couldn't understand, he was mumbling something about bobby, but i just looked at him all spacey and laughed, he was pretty ugly ...

reminded me of those ottawa senator fans .

but all was good, a nice place to see a show, easy access to get booze, beer wasn't the greatest but drinkable .

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Hey Karen,

That was the first time I met you, State Theatre in 98! Remember that, we all went to the pizza place down the street after the show. That was the first time I met Karl also, I cannot believe it has been that long!

Went with my friend Sue and this guy Beer Bottle...who was that guy:) Those are some really good memories!

Who got kicked out of the show, Joe??


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Hey Amy,

How could I forget? Great times. I remember that Lisa knew you and had some nickname for you (besides phunkyb) [Wink] Seems I thought you and Karl already knew each other though...don't know why.

And it was indeed Joe that had been physically removed from the show. After visiting the restroom, he tried to come back to our second tier vantage point, where we all had beers and coats, etc. and security told him it was too crowded for him to go down there. After several pleas, he decided to just ignore them and walk down anyway. They threw him to the ground and dragged him out. It sucked bigtime - guess it's just lucky that it was near the end of the show.

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