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Crazy show at The Horseshoe tonight


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Anyone around here checking this out? Looks like it could be the show of the year to my eyes.

December 4, 2010

The Horseshoe Tavern

Songs of the ’70s – Produced by Six Shooter Records and Starfish Entertainment


Ron Sexsmith

Andy Kim


Collen & Paul

Damhnait Doyle

Dan Hill

Dave Robinson (UIC)

Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies)

Luke Doucet

Matt Barber

Melissa McClelland

Mia Sheard

NQ Arbuckle

Oh Susanna

Roly Greenway (Crowbar)

The Beauties

The Good Brothers

Justin Rutledge

Shakura S’Aida

Tim Vesely (Rheostatics)

Tickets: $20.00 Advance. Available at ticketmaster.ca or 416-870-8000, Horseshoe Front Bar, Soundscapes, Rotate This, and MapleMusic

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Went down to the show (and found a partner in crime) so thought I'd post some recollections. The crowd was quite a lot older which made for fairly easy maneuvering to the front area as there just wasn't the surge to get close to the stage (as it was the night before with Zeus at the 'Shoe). Actually I was surprised by the dominant silver fox demographic, thought that the more contemporary players in the lineup would bring out the 30s crowd.

- The Good Brothers did the first 4-5 songs, Oh Susanna and Matt Good sat in for some. Oh Susanna led for 'Harvest' and 'Powderfinger'. They did an Ian Tyson song and then some Good Bros originals. The guy who played fiddle and mandolin is from Prairie Oyster. This first mini set was probably my favourite, The Good Brothers were in great form.

- It's foggy from here on.. But I believe The Beauties took the stage next and backed up a lot of artists.

- Andy Kim was kind of creeping me out in a Gene Simmons lookalike kind of way.

- The guys from Crowbar KILLED it when they were up. The Beauties guys were blown away on stage as well. Wish I could recall which song it was. :/

- Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland led on 'Ophelia' which was the only Band song of the night.

- Justin Rutledge hammed it up with "Make Me Do (Anything You Want)", coming close but not quite reaching the greatness of Helix's version.

- Shakura S'Aida!!! Holy Lord this woman can sing! She blew everybody away with the power of her voice, kind of like a young Aretha Franklin. At the end of one song, the guy from The Beauties put it best when he said "i just want to go home now after that".

- Tim Vesely joined Bidiniband on vocals (maybe guitar too) for "The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald"

- Dan Hill did "Sometimes When We Touch" of course

- Ron Sexsmith was onstage a number of times though sadly I can't recall what songs he led on.

That's it!

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That part I presumed was common knowledge. Had a hazy chat with Sean Dean (Sadies) a few weeks back and got to talking about festival express and the Ain't No More Cane and he pointed out that one or the other of his bandmates relatives were in the cluster of people watching in awe (I mean I knew they were on the train but not standing there watching that epic moment).

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