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disc golf Saturday before Nero...


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anyone up for a game of disc golf on Saturday?

I've got plenty of discs (drivers & putters) and can take us out to the course here in Peterborough in my camper van.

all in say fore [Wink]

I'm thinking around 3 so we could wrap it up for 4:20

cyberhippie you coming up to the patch this weekend for a little winter fun?


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Shit dude, I'd love to! But, I gotta be in TO for 5pm.

I was out last Saturday, it was such an awesome day. Lots of people were out. I played a nice 13 to warm up. Then joined these crazy dudes for another 13. Then wrapped it up with another 5 with a couple of other crazy dudes. With of course multiple breaks with crazy people through out the day. [Eek!]

Disc golf on the island rules!


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