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Hey, a new Cavern!

Mr. Musicface

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I don't know man....are we on a coast? [Razz]

It's been suggested many times to have a west and east coast forum.

I'll even be able to host different posters/banners for either jammy coast.

The first step of course was to create the forum, then to wait for you to make the first post, and then .... well I don't know what's next.

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Originally posted by bouche:

Speaking of potshots...I can't believe Bsherman posted a shot of me taking a hit! I owe him.

Nice! Unfortunately I don't think I have anything incriminating of you... for now... mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

BTW, any chance of the Uncle Seth CMTF pics you took getting posted? I was diggin' the ones of Freeker, Slip and Wassabi you've got up so far.

- M.

P.S. Hey this is fun, it's like our own little special place! [Wink]

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east and west coast forums are a great idea, but if you guys wanna keep it a secret fun place for u to be alone , wink wink nudge nudge saynomo'

hahahahahhahhah sorry, i wanted to get in on the taking of potshots

good job bouche, new site rocks

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Welcome to the secret Tooly, it is from here that bouche and I have been conducting our plan for world domination. As the newest part of our trifecterate (sp?), you may have Australia.

Since this is the East Coast forum, the idea is that the entire world be remade in the image of George Street in St. John's. "Because the old black rum's got a hold on me..." I'd also like to make a pitch for 24-hour a day hot-and-cold running lobster in every home.


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