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    yayyyyyy God

    I beg to differ. My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together. -Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  2. Birdy

    yayyyyyy God

    The first environmental activist to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize - Wangari Maathai. A Christian woman who's life work has been attributed to early childhood lessons of 'serving God by serving fellow human beings'. "The Book of Genesis came to mean much more to me than just a book on how God created. It helped me understand that the creation is how God has made it possible for us to live on this planet — that we need to be very grateful for what he gave us, and we need to take care if it. God would have wanted us to be his custodians rather than dominion, because dominion reflects exploitation." I just finished reading her memoir - 'Unbowed', and i highly, highly recommend it. This woman, through her religion, has done more good for this world than most of us could ever dream of. Cause it's been awhile, and this thread is oh so deserving of a non-sarcastic 'Yay God'.
  3. Birdy


    Big time, KK! Two of Chatham's finest - 'Like Hell' and 'Get Bent' have recently decided to show their non-support on the petition - hahaha. Gotta love this town. BUMP!
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    Amen!! Our history is huge around these parts - was thinking that the other night actually and kind of struggling to figure out what groups in our municipality are actually out there promoting that kind of thing - the underground railroad, the battle of Tecumseh, the war of 1812... all of it happened right here! And while yah, lots of plaques exist commemorating this stuff, i don't think there's any type of unified front to promote. If there is, it's not very effective promotion! Definitely going to tack this on to my emails to councilors - they're not so much a bad group, it's just that the opposition (think farmers, right of right-wing conservatives and unfortunately, ill-informed) is so loud, and frankly, so mean. Good times. Thanks for the suggestion, and the signatures!
  5. Birdy


    haha, aww, thanks PT! I know... man, i happily admit! And thanks everyone for your help! I sooooo appreciate it. This theatre is one of the most beautiful theatres i've ever been in, and it still kind of baffles me that it's in Chatham. I'd hate for our municipality to just let it go. BUMP!
  6. Birdy


    So about a year ago, Chatham, after fifteen years of fund-raising and government-lobbying and reconstruction, opened the doors to a state of the art, 1200 seat, absolutely beautiful theatre in our downtown. It was a struggle to get the thing built, raise the funds and fight the masses in our largely blue collar town, but it happened and over the course of the fall, winter and spring, it had a largely successful opening season. Unfortunately building costs carrying forward with income coming in didn't mesh up and the Theatre Association went into receivership a few months ago. The future of it now sits in the hands of our municipality as they deliberate what to do regarding its future. I'm hoping you might consider signing a petition that urges our local council to consider the importance this building and its programming has in enriching the lives of people in our community. Now, i know i'm the girl whose wafted in and out of here over the years, spouting my unpopular politics and hating on U2, but i promise, i'm actually a really nice person. But if you don't want to do it for me, do it for the people you know - the backbacons, the swiftys, the blurrys, the ctowns, the OB1s, the meggos, the schwas and any other Chathamites that I might be missing. They're all pretty A+ people. If you've been here, you know we don't have much going on, but we're nice, easy-going people. Unfortunately the political will of our community makes this a seriously up-hill battle... and so i'm turning to this board in hopes of gaining a few more signatures. Help us make Chatham a better place to live! Please take 2 seconds out of your day and consider signing our petition - we're presenting it to council on June 6th and so time is of the essence... from one supporter of the arts to another, thank you!! http://www.petitiononlinecanada.com/petition/support-the-chatham-capitol-theatre-as-an-asset/150
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