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  1. just checked for the Ottawa show. nothing there at $20.
  2. I tried getting the (apparently) third Dylan ticket, but was having credit card issues and lost it.
  3. I also snoozed. went to buy tickets the day after it sold out apparently. looking for two (or one).
  4. Well, Andre's 48 year old brain might be remembering things better than my 51 year old brain, and POG's 44 year old brain. And my reading skills could also use some work. Cause that site actually notes that Mr. Hornsby was indeed with the band on the night in question. Grateful Dead shows with Bruce Hornsby as a regular member: All shows from 9/15/90 MSG through 3/24/92 Auburn Hills except..... I thought that he had stopped playing with them regularly at the end of 1991, but I was clearly mistaken. (and I didn't even eat any paper at that show.) so there ya go.
  5. must have been some special paper....Bruce Hornsby did not play with the Dead on this evening. His regular tenure, with the band, had ended in February of that year... http://www.agitators.com/gd/bruce.html I think that my favourite version of The Same Thing was when Bobby broke it out in Oakland. this is it. I believe that was called on stage by Bobby and just grew out of the preceding jam. A fun read - and a great line: "Psychedelic warrior status should bestowed upon these moments."
  6. Some Google sleuthing has found this: http://www.naturalwayband.com/ (the Black Sheep's web site has a typo.) Tavis E. Triance & The Natural Way are a muli-faceted project springing from the mind of singer songwriter Tavis E. Triance, formerly of the Royal Mountain Band and Spoon River. It harnesses his love of themes of darkness, absurdity and the unbridled madness of men, and imbues it with a lyricism and a swagger. Tavis's idiosyncratic vocals call to mind Bob Dylan as a tired cop in some old late night movie, Mick Jagger reeling off Randy Newman tunes, Dan Bejar as balladeer, or Cat Stevens on a quaalude binge. These songs gained shape and substance in the wet haze of a west coast winter, prompting Triance to reach out to his East Coast musical contingent. The wildly talented Brad Barr of Barr Brothers fame produced and participated in the recording of what would quickly become a cross continental album. Other friends were asked for their ideas and for their input and still other friends came on board: There was Jeffrey Louch a key member of both The Royal Mountain Band and Spoon River piloting what can only be described as a cockpit of vintage synth sounds. As always, there was the indomitable Jason Kent bringing his ear for arrangement and sun kissed harmony. There was Seamus Cowan also of Spoon River and formerly of The High Dials teamed up with Mark “Bucky” Wheaton keeping rhythm and low end glued to the floorboards. Naturally, these players helped to fully realize Tavis E. Triance & The Natural Way, lending Triance's songs a musicality and orchestration that call to mind Steely Dan playing songs from B-side Bad Finger or Pink Floyd cataloguing tunes from Tonight’s the Night. What is the culmination of all this ado? It is both the songbird & the high rise window: A Brief Respite From the Terror of Dying — an album that delivers exactly what it promises.
  7. is that what these acts are? I haven't even heard of them. Plants and Animals and the Dropkick Murphys looks like a good night. otherwise, there's nothing there. well, Basia Bulat, but that's about it.
  8. I thought that Donna seemed rather restrained. rather enjoyed her vocals. (I was waiting for her to come in during Playing, with her trademark wails, but she remained silent.)
  9. so nice to see Donna with the boys. and the whole show was smoking.
  10. Tickets for Tragically Hip gone in a flash I didn't know that people still did that. I also wonder if they all got tickets, and what kind of tickets they got.
  11. not that I'm going to one of the ACC shows, but people are saying that they are using paperless tickets? i know that's the deal for the Platinum seats. just wondering if anybody else has heard that?
  12. minimum is $19.99 that's not quite pay what you can.
  13. Looks like I will have two extras for Ottawa. PM me.
  14. machine. but i think they are all gone.
  15. picked up tickets for the Ottawa show this morning. Section 118. (I might have an extra pair.)
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