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  1. Update. So, after a clear day here in Nelson yesterday, we are back to the smoke filled Valley. Basically, all of the mountains I'm used to seeing in the distance are hidden. Not to mention the strong smell of forest fire. Apparently they've brought in one of the biggest water bombers in the world. I saw it take off yesterday, and that thing is huge. I have some friends with a house out in Argenta, and they are on 48hour evacuation notice, and it could switch to 24hours at any point. I've only ever seen this stuff on the tv when it was happening hours away. It is a really interesting feeling being so close to all of this. Kinda scary. Please keep sending out the positive vibes, especially to those that are already evacuated. Also, the Kaslo Jazz Festival is on this weekend, and it has fires burning up all around it. Send them some vibes too, as this is a major event for the area. I'll keep ya posted. Hopefully with some pictures next time.
  2. Yo, Thanks for the vibes. I am in Nelson, and twas a smokey day here. I actually woke up at about 4am smelling smoke from one of apparently four fires burning in the area. Constant helicopters flyin' in and out with their water buckets. I was at the Littlefest in the Slocan Valley(+-1hour from Nelson) over the weekend, and the sky was clear for most of the day. In the late afternoon I was seeing people looking backwards from the stage. The smoke was billowing out from behind the mountain's ridge. Looked like a bomb went off, but kept goin'. Anyways, thanks and I'll try to keep you folks in the know.
  3. not sure if it will help at all, but http://www.google.ca/intl/en/ads/
  4. Thanks! There are some early Phish sbds under the parent directory as well!
  5. Hey man, I'm in Nelson. drop me a line if ya wanna jam sometime. Or just grabba coffee...
  6. Thanks for this link. I'm really diggin' it. The sound quality is quite tight.
  7. Do ont miss this show. I caught lastnight's show here in Nelson, and it was off the charts. I haven't seen them play in over a year, and they just get better. I haven't been to a show with this much energy in quite some time. Good times, good vibes and fantastic musicianship....try not to miss them.
  8. Thanks StoneMtn! I may take you up on that someday. That said, next time you're on this side of the rockies, I've got a crash space as well. If you've never been to Nelson, you have to put it on the list of places to visit. It is the only place I've been to where it feels as if there's a show in town when there isn't...make sense? Just that there are a lot of artist type, socially conscious "hippies"(young & old) out here wandering the streets....good times.
  9. awesome. That is great news. Do you have any idea who is puttin this on?
  10. And, yeah...That radio station is great. I was listening online for a while after the Bonfire weekend. Thanks to CHLY for playin' my tunes as well. It was a dream come true to be played in a set with the Dead and Phish. I'm missin the coast. How about you Stoney? you gettin lost in the smog yet?
  11. who's talkin 'bout me? hahaha...drop me a line next time you're in the area. It is amazing. I can't believe I lived in the city for so long.
  12. Mine is working, but when I go to other's pages it gives me that "deleted" message. shameless plug... http://www.myspace.com/tywest
  13. check out the Bonfire Festival for sure. I'm not just saying that because I'll be playing, but I'm sure you've never seen a venue like this before. Simply amazing. Middle of the Rainforest...There is a 500 year old tree growing right through the middle of the stage. I'm in Nelson now, so if ya come through PM me and I can tell you what's goin on while you're here....safe trip
  14. Thanks budday. I knew you'd be able to sort it out. But I will admit, it is still a little too "lawyer speak" for me.
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