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  1. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154955674141370&set=gm.161452557827228&type=3 https://scontent.fybz2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/26910265_10154955674141370_8127797644679677761_o.jpg?oh=0641c9114878f02c0c216b20191be3e2&oe=5B143C59 This is going to be a special version of St. Paddy's with the Fatties as St. Patrick's Day happens to fall on a Saturday and it marks the return of slammin jack!The Fat Cats are very excited to be able to host, not only all of you, but also their good friends from BC, slammin jack. We should all feel fortunate to see this fine group of gents do their thing after over 10 years away from the stage.Get your tickets now as we expect this to be hot one!https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/st-paddys-with-the-fatties-2018-fat-jack-tickets-42411895120 Saturday March 17th The Casbah, Hamilton Doors at 8pmMusic at 9pm Not to be pigeon-holed by any particular style, the Fat Cats have made significant in-roads within the “Jamband” genre, not only for themselves, but for a collection of other bands as well by creating an accessibility to the scene that reaches a larger group of music fans. Often being revered as the pioneers of the craft in Canada, the free flowing and uninhibited style of playing has been a specialty of the band since their inception over 25 years ago. The everlasting chemistry between the players has kept this ideal blooming throughout their history, and forges the future of their unmistakable sound and groove. Always maintaining an organic nature that pays homage to many great singers and songwriters, the sound takes on an electrifying groove that draws on all popular genres in the last 60 years. The song writing, while timely and lyrically relevant, possesses an ageless quality that speaks to all generations of listeners; basically, if you like music, you will like the Fat Cats. The band has shown their infectious groove makes them a sure bet to both draw a crowd, and entertain. Fat Cats Line-up Adam Bernstein - Drums Chris Gatchene - Guitar and Vocals Todd Gillies - Guitar and Vocals Dave Hill - Bass Josh Williams - Keys and Beard Slammin Jack was formed in 2002, when longtime jam partners Rich Martin (guitar) and Scott Daniels (keys) teamed up with a powerhouse rhythm section in the form of Sean Scallion (drums) and Martin Ayerst (bass). They quickly built a grassroots following playing small venues in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood in East Vancouver. After adding jam band veteran Jeffrey Kornblum (percussion) to their lineup, the boys took their show on the road, touring almost steadily for 5 years and playing hundreds of shows coast to coast, finally hanging their hats up for good in 2006. Or so we thought... Presenting the long awaited reunion nobody believed would ever really happen: Slammin Jack in the original lineup. Pull out your muppets stuffies and dust off your dance shoes, the psychedelic jam-grass dance-floor trance-funk extravaganza is back. Older and wiser, yes, but don’t turn your back, or they’ll steal your face right off your head. Slammin Jack line-up was and is: Rich Martin - Guitar & Vocals Scott Daniels - Keys & Vocals Martin Ayerst - Bass & Vocals Sean Scallion - Drums & Vocals Jeffrey Kornblum - Percussion.
  2. Happy Birthday you Edgy woman you!
  3. The Junction City Music Hall in Toronto is hosting Mike Filipowitsch or the Burt Neilson Band, The Unseen Strangers, and the Fat Cats on Friday Nov. 4th. Check out the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/176151346159067
  4. Hey Folks, Anyone know who did the latest Dark Star Orchestra poster?
  5. 9:00pm - Doors Open 10:00pm - Chameleon Project 11:30pm - Fat Cats (Music must stop at 1:00am so we will run on time) See you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/704395986308108/
  6. Win a pair of tickets to this show! Share the event on your Facebook feed for a chance to win 2 tickets to the show. Hope to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/704395986308108/
  7. If you haven't heard we are giving away free downloads of our 3 studio albums. This offer will expire after our Nov. 8th show at the Comfort Zone in Toronto. Get you free tunes here: http://fatcatsjam.com/music-downloads
  8. If you haven't heard we are giving away free downloads of our 3 studio albums. This offer will expire after our Nov. 8th show at the Comfort Zone. Get you free tunes here: http://fatcatsjam.com/music-downloads
  9. Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow night! www.fatcats.eventbrite.com
  10. Well, iTunes isn't responding so for now just keep heading to our site. Thanks. iTunes...call me.
  11. For a limited time all Fat Cats albums are being offered for free at: www.fatcatsjam.com Please help us spread the music by spreading the word. Cheers! FC
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