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I got posted on Northernheads.com


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ah, he forgot the r in www.northernheads.com

but unfortunately the devil has screwed up the link to brads homepage too -- maybe you could have them fix it for you?

Nice site though, and cool that you got published!

Now, if you want to complain to eugene himself, i'm sure he'd listen to you, but rest assured, you are certainly NOT the first to complain to him about this, oh no sir, you are not...

But go ahead and give it a whirl anyway... you can find his contact information at http://www.zaphodbeeblebrox.com/

but i wouldn't be too harsh with him cuz he's been in this business for many many many years, generally knows how to keep a club popular in fickle ottawa and finally has done his best to promote ottawa bands as much as he possibly can for fun and profit.

i would suggest for sure that you contact the jam bands that are playing at zaphods and urge them to consider other venues for the next time they come through -- to do this i would further suggest that you pick 2 or 3 venues that you think would be good locals and grab some contact information for them too - travelling bands i guess couldn't know every venue in every city, so i assume that's why they keep playing zaphods

cuz you're absolutely right that jam bands should play until they don't wanna play no more. Maybe once eugene sees that he's going to be losing the business from them on those nights, he might make an exception for these bands, or maybe he won't - it won't matter cuz your bands have already moved somewhere else...

n'est pas?

heres a link to BNB's website if you want to send them some new venue ideas... http://www.geocities.com/bneilsonband

actually here is the email address of their tour manager mailto:bnbtourmanage@hotmail.com his name is darryn marcus - hmm never trust a man with 2 first names

(Actually this site is in DESPERATE need of updating - perhaps bouche would care to volunteer to help them out a little? wink.gif" border="0 )

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