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nero on Napster

Phil McCraken

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Napster sucks. I'm trying to share some live nero mp3s I made on Napster and it says No Shared File on the Transfer screen, but in the shared files screen it says I am sharing them.

Can somebody do a napster search and let me know if they can find them so I can figure out whats going on.

thanks grin.gif" border="0

napster mad.gif" border="0

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for one thing, napster has a number of servers that manage the sharing. When you connect, you aren't able to see every client running napster, only the ones connected to the same napster hub. So, if you are the only one sharing something, you can't just get someone to find it, you'll have to distribute it across other users of napster to make sure it's available on the whole shoddy, sell-out, napster.

I still where my napster t-shirt, but I don't wear it in support of napster anymore.

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I thought it looked blocked!

I was pissed off last night, because Napster didn't even attempt to find Nero. It just said, "Fuck dat!" and then "No Matches Found."

I bet there's a lawsuit in there!

They should remember the words of Mr. Spock:

"The beads of the many outweigh the weeds of the canoe"

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