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James brown!


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Yes, James Brown was the man, but no encore?

what was up with that?

Also, what was up with all those idiots with lawn chairs? and what was up with those same idiots not sitting down in them??

it's disgusting that ottawa audiences don't have enough respect for live shows that thousands of lawn chairs and thousands of morons have to come out to see a legend while the people that deserve to get close to the stage never get a chance to get up close to JB.

Also, his revue style show should include full versions of songs.

it was worth the 20 bucks, but it could've been a lot better.

can't wait for sonny rollins and the nero show tomorrow shocked.gif" border="0

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yeah, giggles and i were walking through all those people in chairs (stumbling actually). It felt like we were going through a movie theatre or something. Dirty looks all around, until I pulled out the 420, and got everyone smiling ;-)

As for the show, James Brown was pretty cool, until some lame-ass blonde came out and sang during sex machine, and some other rapper chick came out afterwards. That kinda burnt the show for me.

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