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Estradashpere show


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Hey all..

For those who went to Wolfe Island.. good call! The sunday was ridiculous at babylon, with 4 bands, and nero being alloted a 30 minute opening slot. Estradasphere consists of guitar, bass, drums, violin, and sax/flute. They were crazy, very Mr.Bungle-like, but not as schizophrenic. THe 2 bands in-between consisted of Dauquiri and Tub Ring.. Daiquiri sounded like faith no more/sepultura on speed, (ans possibly some crack), they had an interesting stage show. Tubring seemed to mention Jesus a few times, and liked screaming a lot.I had a better time in the toking room, taking to the estradashpere guys about the west coast jam scene.. the guy from the santa cruz hemp allstars was cool, and said that now their band, the biscuits and sector 9 all live in Santa cruz.. must be fun..

Anyway, theres plenty more bitchin and whining I could do, but we'll leave it at that.. Even with 4 bands the turnout was half that of canada day..

Hope you guys all had a great weekend! peace.


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