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question on digital recording studio gear


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The music store lady has 2 digital recording studios. One is a Boss BR-8 and the other the BR-532.

The BR-8 is about $200 more, and obviously is loaded with way more features. It also seems to be designed for guitar/bass players as the inputs are labeled for that.

Can an Alesis keyboard be connected to that input without any problem?

Are there any other digistudios out there in the same price range that may be a better choice?

the 532 uses smartmedia cards to record to adn comes with a 32 meg one. Christ, that's smaller than my mp3 player.

The br-8 uses zip discs.

Pablo...do you have any thoughts?

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my friend Ian has a bos recorder that uses zip disks...it's pretty decent for simpe recording and you can be a bit creative with electronic percussion on it. the zip disk feature is awesome because they're waaaaaay cheaper than smart media and easier to find.

you should be able to plug a keyboard into it no problem...it just might depend on what frequency response you want from your instrument...the inputs may colour the sound or have different impedance etc. etc...

I would recommend trying to find the manuals online to see which would be easier to use or better suited for your needs...find out if you want to record a certain way and see if you can do it and how easy it is to do so.

if it's just straight recording, I would say go ZIP but it all depends on what YOU are going to do with it and whether it's worth the money you're spending on it.

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Zip discs are an old media type. I don't even think that there is a zip drive anywhere around here. I don't know what they don't have a USB interface at least. A 5 gig HD would be nice too, like in the Fostex models.

The 532 appears to be very similar to the BR-8 but with only 4 tracks. I'm not sure that it has some of the features like the phrase trainer...but that's useless to me.

I've also been reading that the drums feature is just a glorified metronome and isn't meant to be used as a drumtrack.

We're gonna have a look at them later and see if there is anything critcal that is worth the 200 bucks or if you're really just paying for 4 more tracks and a zip disc.

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I used the boss w/ the 32 meg card and this didn't allow for very much high quaility recording. you will diffinatly want to buy a larger smart card, so take that in to account. I can't remember but i think i got about 7-9 mins of high(cd) quaility. That meant after recording 2 tracks of a 3 min tune i had to save them to a mini disc and then bounce it back to 1 track. I did this a few times to get 3.5 mins of 8 tracks. If I had a bigger card i could have done that internally.

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dude...it doesn't matter if it's an out dated media type. it's not computer interfaceable. it uses a totally dufferent language.

does it matter if the drum is supposed to be a click track, bouche - i've heard it played with and it was fun. you might find textures you'll like.

it's not a top notch drum machine but this isn't a piece of STUDIO equipment. it's a home recording machine and that should be taken into account. if you want to record simply, then get a MD and a mixer. stereo mixes may not allow for creative mixdowns but it'll be great for live recording and you'll figure out what you need for your pwn recording.

serious, man the zip recorder would be a etter investment. you can get 15 minutes a zip disk and they're like 10 bucks...how much is a smart card>? the quality's decent and it's a great way to learn how to record.

you're not buying a personal computer here.

hard disk would be nice but is it in your price range?

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