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how come...


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I heard gruvasylum were playing Ottawa in february and they haven't been rebooked. I can see themj monthly in London but you guys have yet to see these dudes(most of you) and when you do you'll be amazed.

incredible players making incredible music.

these dudes should be playing festivals with scofield, metalwood, MMW, and the like...great talent that is bound to open up.

Mark Rodgers the bass palyer went to school with John Pattitucci in texas. Awesome sounds from a 7 string with a looper and the talent to back it up.

one of the best drummers i'veever heard - tight mutha. I'm not a fan of freestyle MC's but enlight is actually good, and well...the brownman is on trumpet and percussion so things are bound to be stellar.

serious, guys you've gotta get gruvasylum to play shows in Ottawa. The guys are so busy with sessions and still want to drive hours to play in a dry town. It's love of the sounds and you characters deserve to hear them.

If you're in toronto check em out.

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sup canny,

the attempt was definitely made by Capitano-BB, and I think they were the ones that didnt want to bring their drummer and subsequently cancelled..

when it comes to bringing in a band you can only put in so much effort, the will has to be there on the musician's part, as well.

so don't think no one's listening to you. the effort was made. it just wasn't reciprocated.. as far as i could tell.

boner Dabone.

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There is definitely a John Gruden - Tampa Bay Bucs scenario here!

Dave Andrews: How come the Buccaneers are known as the Bucs, the Jacksonville Jaguars are known as the Jags BUT the Tennessee Titans are never referred to as the Tits?

(Hope things are going well Mr Andrews)

Gonna miss you Chucky, I have just become a part-time Tampa fan though


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Here is the deal

They were booked... I got screwed on a venue.... I had to cancell on them..... we are trying to re-book something but venue space is tight and these guys are expensive. Most club's in Ottawa will not put a guarantee, a band of B&G's caliber requires one... this is a complicated booking that will work in only a handfull of clubs.

I agree that when B&G do hit... Ottawa will fucking love them.... we will be lucky to see them before they are on to bigger stages. They are different than anything else you will hear. A very cool band

shit happens...

It will work out at some point


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