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Dr. Huxtable TONIGHT!! Free CD's


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Well, it's been a rough week. I've had the nastiest illness ever, resulting in three days off work, and the very real fear that I may not be able to stand up during our show tonight, let alone sing like a banshee. Our new bass player is on the same death-bed (we wish you well Scottie P.) and won't be joining us tonight. So tonight's show will be a real treat. It turns out that Mr. Huxtable is a wizard on the bass, so come to check it out because it may be the only time we see this.

The first 100 through the door get a free compilation CD from Dr. Huxtable's last five shows. So come early.

Looking forward to grooving out with Caution Jam afterwards. I had been so excited for this week of shows, I took this week off work, but was too sick to go to any. Ain't that the way? frown.gif" border="0

See you tonight!!!

(Bouche, please come early for that cheesecake I owe you.)

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