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enjoy your drums and tuba if your going-

and you should be!!!-

oh by the way the guys lost all their road music cause their van was broken into in Toronto- but we had nothing to give them (recorded)- if you could record a cool show and take it to them to let them know Canada wants to give them music and not just take- that would be cool!

Just something I wanted to do but couldn't in Toronto.

So maybe they leave Ottawa with music for their road back to the states and think how cool Canada is and not how strange!

even if just a few of you do this- it woudl be great- I know short notice but it was a nice day and I was outside.


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Low Roller gave them 5ish cd's and they KICKED OUR ASSES TONIGHT!

Wow, have the changed.............

They used to be so industrial (in my mind)

This was psycho-actively-psychotic.

Give me 2 weeks to come down.

[Eek!][big Grin][Eek!]

And, let me add, the absolute BEST Ferris I have seen. So veeeeery tight!

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