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BNB - Thank You, and Good Night…

After six years together, we have collectively decided to disband and explore other avenues. It’s been a great run since those days starting out in Thunder Bay. We’ve made so many great friends over the last six years and enjoyed every second of playing for you. That’s really what kept us going all this time: we have the best fans that anyone could ever ask for and we are forever grateful for your helping us to achieve our dream. As most relationships go, we‘ve come to a point where we want to try new things and do stuff in our life that being in a band has prevented us from doing. We needed to make the move now, before being in a band began to feel like a job- which none of us ever wanted. This decision was made amicably and we plan on remaining the best of friends. A special thank you to Lowell Binstock, Scott Farmer, Daniel Denomme and Jeffrey Kornblum for contributing to the band and our lives, you are, and always will be part of the Burt Neilson family. BNB would never have existed if it wasn’t for the fans, you stuck with us during extended breaks, losing band members and even the odd show where we just didn’t play well. We hope that you will continue to support the scene you helped build and support us in whatever projects we may be involved in the future. Our last show will be in Halifax on April 13 at the Attic. We hope to see you all out at our remaining dates. Once again, thanks so much for everything, you truly are the best fans in the world.

-Burt Neilson Band

from www.burtneilson.com


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At first I thought this was an April Fools Day joke, but quickly realized that this isn't April 1st.

I'm really sorry to see this band break up at such a PINNACLE time for this scene in Canada. It has never been bigger, and it looks like it won't stop.

Everyone involved in this scene are soundly tied together, across Canada, thanks to the friendly touring of all of our favourite jambands, and by the friendly online communities, dedicated to getting the word out and spreading the shows. The Burt Neilson Band has been a mainstay in this whole process, and I’m very disappointed to see them disband at such a time.

This year has started out with a bang, and it’s only going to get better with the Come Together Festivals at Frontier Town, where I was highly looking forward to experiencing the BNB play at again and again. Maybe a little reminder of that time is in order.


There was nothing quite like watching these incredible musicians from the tower while taking some of these pics.

Last weekend at Alfie’s was a great time, and it seemed to me like they were on the right track. I found myself just watching Mike’s insane playing most of the night. Damn he’s good.

I’ll miss you guys.

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Man, that is such sad news. I just saw them a few weeks ago. I should have savored the moment. When I think of all the great Burt moments I've had and all the awesome people I've met, it makes me sad to think it's come to an end. Bands gotta stop doing this to me (like I have any say )

But on the positive side, breakups have beget positives before and this potentially could be no different. To all the members of all the incarnations, thanks a bunch.

The Burts are dead, long live the Burts!

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Its sad to hear that one of my favourite live bands are splitting. Thanks for the good times over the years throughout Ontario and Alberta! Burt will certainly be missed. The last show I saw was at Frontier Town on Labour Day, and its too bad I won't be home to see one more! But I look forward to seeing you all in other projects and wish you well.

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Please tell me this is some kinda sick joke...Why is this happening? I can understand that BnB isn't prepared to do this with the rest of their lives. They probably need some type of financial security which is perfectly understandable...but that's not the way it was looking recently. They parted with Jeffrey, got a fantastic new website, disbanding didn't look like the next step for them.

I'm not really tight with them as I know some of u guys probably are so I'm at a total loss for any kinda reason for this breakup.

All I can really do is express my sadness at losing my, and I'm sure many of your, favourite Canadian band. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a newcomer to Burt as the first I ever saw the boys play was at the Church last summer. But I can guarantee that that show had me coming back for more wherever and whenever they were around.

I could even thank the Burt Neilson Band for motivating me to try my fake ID for the first time, last year. The one thing worth risking the wasted trek downtown being a BnB gig. ('cause I been 19 since I was 17!)

Nevertheless I'm extremely saddened to lose 'em and if you guys are reading this THANK YOU for all the great tunes and live shows. You know we'll be listening to the tapes for a loooong time to come. Also wanted to wish u good luck in all your future endeavours, musical or otherwise. I'm sure you'll make the most of them.


a s h e r

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