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Played once so far...


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With 4 shows remaining here are the songs played only once so far this tour

Broken Arrow

She Belongs to me

Like a Rolling Stone

Strawberry Fields

Throwin Stones

The Rub

Let it Grow

Touch of Grey


Dire Wolf

New Potato Caboose

Black Throated Wind

US Blues

Masons Children

Cold Rain and Snow

Unbroken Chain

Crazy Fingers

Lazy Lightning

Red Rooster


Lost Sailor


Saint of Circumstance

Bid you Goodnight

Brown Eyed Women


Looks Like Rain

Queen Jane

Loose Lucy

Hog for You

He's Gone


Minglewood Blues

Mr Charlie

W LA Fadeaway

Midnight Hour


Doin that Rag

Knockin on Heavens Door

Promised Land

Some I would have expected others I would have thought would have been played alot more....just goes to show....what diverse sets they are doing....all those attending these last shows are in for a most excellent time

by CJ on TOO discussion...

listening to Washington 11/15 right now... speechless... can't believe Detroit is tomorrow...

not going to be able to sleep tonight

feels like goin home

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half step sounds like a sweet one...

hows bouts a Row Jimmy?

wouldn't mind a Brown Eyed Women repeat at all neither... and aND AND!!! don't even get me thinkin in this direction!!

up in the air on bunkin... have some friends who've offered floorspace... might look for a room... jus dunno... I'm just happy I found my birth certificate [Wink]

sure we'll cross paths Pinchy... you guys are at the Holiday Inn I believe? I'll run up and down the halls yellin HALF STEP TUDELOOOO if it comes to it...

looookin forward to seeing the rest of everyone 'swell

ya yA YA YA YAAAAAAAA man!!!

[big Grin][Razz][big Grin][Razz][big Grin][Razz][Eek!]

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