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Hampton Ticketmaster/Will Call Heads Up


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Hey all,

Just thought Id post a pretty important heads up for those that may be anticipating picking up there Hampton tickets at Will Call.

I was told at the time of purchase (aprox month and a half ago) by phone that because this is a Canadian order that my tickets would be held for me at the venue and I would have to make arrangements to pick them up there.

No Problem!

As the tix were on my gf's credit card i faxed a letter to Hampton Coliseum with my id, her id and her credit card explaining that I would be the one actually attending the show. No Problem!

So last night i decide to call Hampton to make sure that everything is in order and they explain to me that there will be NO WILL CALL for any of the Phish shows in January. Hunh?


So onto ticketmaster i go and after about 35 minutes of dealing with a ticketmaster customer service rep my tickets should now be arriving within the next ten business days. So just as a heads up for any of you i would highly recommend that you contact ticketmaster NOW if you have any questions with your orders.

"But tequilas where it starts and where it ends! "

See yas at New Years!

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