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Question of the day12.11.02(Late edition)


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Guest Low Roller

Knowing that V=IR, we get:

440V=85.3A/R, therefore R= 440/85.3= 5.16 Ohms.

Also, P=V^2/R

Therefore P= 440^2/5.16= 37,519W or 37.52kW

If the lines are 85% efficient, then 15% is lost.

15% of 37.52kW is 5.3kW.


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Nice [big Grin] :rolleyes:That one deserves a "HA!" after it that was fast.Right on.

Yea Paisley,Great disc listened when I got home sunday,gotta love that CTMF Cats great fuckin show the guys are haliarious on the stage.

Dont ferget tomorrow Gratefully Deadicated sound system @ Pepper Jacks 35 King William st. Hamilton. [Eek!]

Puzzeled [Confused]


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