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Favourite Unknown American 'Jam' Band?


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I have a few: Here they are, go check em' out or e-mail me for a trade or B&P:

Raq www.raqmusic.com

-Aggresive, impressive improvisational rock who do Zappa as good as anybody.

Uncle Sammy www.unclesammy.com

-Just the perfect 'jamband'. Tons of styles, tons of talent and tons of fun.

Psychedelic Breakfast www.psychedelicbreakfast.com

-One of the best guitarists outhere. Just mind boggling. Pretty fusion-esque jamming style.

Cast Iron Filter


-North Carolina's Fatties. Similar style, tons of fun and under the radar for no reason.

Gabe Dixon Band


-The next Dave Matthews Band. There guys have it all. A guy who can sing, eclectic line-up, a deal with Warner records and some fantastic songs.

Dexter Grove


-Acid folk by two guys who do it all.



-Whoever saw these guys in October knows what I'm talking about-

that's it- post or check these bands out!

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Unknown....? In Canada you mean.....

The US has 10 times our population and consequently has 10 times the number of bands that that are at "CanJam" level (sell out bars in their home town).....and 100 times the number of bands that actually tour from coast to coast with a dedicated following....

Cross the border, go to festivals, surf, open your mind, let the border dissolve and let you music tastes not discern political boundaries....you will find that there are COUNTLESS amazing acts that will suit your musical taste...

Don't get me wrong, I am a proud Canadian, but when it comes to music, I don't discern....I judge on what makes me smile, laugh, and cut rug.....

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