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Xtra cinci TICKETS inside....(click fast)


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Well, i was able to man-handle ticketmaster online for two tickets friday and four for saturday.

MarcO has first call on the two fri's and at least two sat's (the advantage of driving me!), but AT LEAST TWO SATURDAYS are available for sale (face) / or interesting TRADE (that would be cool).

Anyways, glad i was able to beat TM, those bastards!!!!

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Saturday, Feb 22 2003 7:30PM

> >Seat Location (SECTION 224, ROW E, SEATS 9 TO 10)

Ticket One: Momack

Ticket Two: Robbae

All tickets spoken for!!!! (this is great!!!!!)

Sanilso takes me to Albany AND Detroit, now he get to go to Cinci!!!!!! And i also am able to hook up two more Sanctuarians!!!! MarcO gets his tickets as well!!!!! February is gonna kick ass!!!!!

(i'm happy)

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Much Respect goes out to the kind person behind the handle Secondtube, you made my day pal. Nice to see sanctuarians hooking one another up. I'll be in touch with you via your e-mail (check yours sometime). Thanks againand again and again you nice cuddly person you!!!


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