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Music Appretiation Thread...


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A big shout-out to most types and styles of music. Music has become a very important part in my life over the years and has gotten me through some very difficult times. Words cant even begin to describe how much music means to me. I said it once before and ill say it again, " I LOVE MUSIC".

[color:"red"]The Piege

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Guest Low Roller
Remember,if you pirate mp3s your downloading communism.

What's funny is that it's true. The whole concept of communism is to have a shared collective monitored by a regulatory body. In theory that is a fantastic system, but unfortunately, through gross corruption, seldom ever really worked. Peer-to-peer networks are in this sense more similar to communism since everyone shares the music. Of course sharing doesn't equate mass profit for a singular entity (the very foundation of capitalism), hence the massive backlash from the RIAA (capitalistic dogs).

Wait, this thread was about something else. Uh... I love music. Props to music. Make music not weapons!!!

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Originally said by Frank Zappa:

Without music to decorate it, time is just a series of boring production deadlines and waiting for bills to be paid.

Zappa also noted that the reason communism failed is that it overlooks a basic fact: people like to own stuff.



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I'd like to take this opportunity to send a big shout out to folk music at this time. I have really just discovered folk music in the last year and a bit, and the beautiful work of artists like David Francey, Gillian Welch and Gordon Lightfoot has really helped me become more in tune with my self, my land and my heart. Thank you, folk music!

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