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Earth Day Celebration....come on down


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Earth Day Celebration feat: Harrison Kennedy, Bob Wiseman, Lisa Winn, Hunter Eves, Lyndsay Blanch & Andrea Lake

April 22 - Pepper Jack's

An amazing and diverse line-up of talent is featured for this year's Earth Day Celebration. World Class performances all around. All proceeds of the night are going to Earth Day Hamilton, a local organization that puts together Earth Day festivites and events.

Harrison Kennedy - Juno Award Nominee and all around amazing musician. Harrison has shared the stage with the likes of BB King, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, at New York's famed Apollo Theatre, Soul Train, Dick Clark and London England's "Top O Pops' and many other luminaries including "The Funk Brothers" and members of The "Parliament Funkadelics" in Detriot's Motown. Harrison rocks, period.

Bob Wiseman - Former keyboard player for Blue Rodeo, Bob now focuses on his art films and solo performing. The guy puts on such an incredible show and has amazingly well written songs. Simply one of the best musicians on the planet. Look up crazed genius in the dictionary and there's Bob.

Lisa Winn - Lisa has been working hard spreading her songs across Canada and overseas. Another down-to-earth (fittinly enough) and worldly performer to open your heart and your mind.

Hunter Eves - Unusual, original and heavily thought-provoking, Hunter plays some killer keyboard while spinnin songs of startling clarity that speak of her utterly unique perspective. Her performances are always a show stopper.

Lyndsay Blanch - Lyndsay's songwriting and stage demenour are refreshingly real, empassioned and deep. Her one of a kind voice rings like a bell and she's simply a great person to be in a room with. Been way too long since Lyndsay has performed in town.

Andrea Lake - Andrea comes across as the salt of the earth. Excellently crafted songs about life and love and a voice and presence that speak right to your soul. Andrea has been gracing local stages for almost a decade now.

9 pm - 2 am

only $10

See ya there!

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know I mentioned this show to several of ya already but seriously a really unbelievable night of music happening at PJC... some wild avante-garde theatrical performances... some deep, heavy soul-searching stuff... then bob wiseman and harrison kennedy are each a full show in themselves on top of the others

a 'one time only' type of show that I can't imagine anyone walking away from not totally blown away by... some of the best writers/players I've ever witnessed

total bargain at $10 as well

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have to say the last two Thursdays at Pepperjacks (Mike Daley/Earth Day) have left me awed... last night was totally overwhelming, everyone who played were just blow away... from the beginning of the night straight through the end... been a long time since I've seen such a undeniably captivating show... great listening audience too

cheers to pepperjacks... more people off the board should stop missing out on these nights... Tim Gibbons next week I believe (contributed to the soundtrack of the movie Slingblade, ex-Trouble Boys/Teenage Head)... truly great stuff

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