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Kraftwerk tonight...


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am i?????????????

you kidding???? i'm practically drooling! it's been FAR too long since i've been served up a nice hot heapin' plate of german musical genuis, and




*EDIT* not sure if i'm the only one that has a *$(#(*$# computer, and can't see that pic i posted, but in case other people can't, that big blank space is supposed to say "i'm a hungry motherfuckin' hippo, motherfucker". anyway.

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Ok crew: I spoke with Jono last night and here is the plan:

Jono will be at my place by 6:00 (I told him 5:30 so don't worry, he should be right on time)

From there I'll pick you up QQC, and then you, Palace Princess... and then we're off like a dirty shirt.



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you kidding, we'll be off like a prom dress!!!



just kidding folks, i won't really wear a selection from my beautiful collection of tacky 80's prom dresses. :D i am however still on the fence about the raver pants... heehee!


and thanks so much for driving, mir!!! oooh, and since jono's the first passenger, that means i'll get some sweetass backseat action with the qqc! go team! hmmm, come to think of it, maybe i'll wear a prom dress after all.... ;) hahahah

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Hey guys, I just saw this post on the Ottawa Musician website (www.theottawamusician.com), thought maybe someone you know may be interested in this FREE offer:

Well, my Kraftwerk tickets remain unsold.. yet I still can't go.. so here's the deal. Anyone who wants 'em can *have* them for free. I have 4 of them..and anyone who can be in Toronto for 8 pm Friday night is welcome to them. Let me know! graham


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holy crap those pics are giving me the (good kind of) willies, pink. can't WAIT to see the rest.

all i hafta say about this show is WOW. kraftwerk started it all, and proved they're still taking it to the next level. and for four guys who stand there not moving, they sure put on a hell of a show to look at.

but first off, four thumbs up on the ricoh. that was my first visit to this venue, and i can't wait to go back. security was super lax, lineups were quick, parking was ridiculously cheap (only seven bucks right outside the doors of the venue) and you probably had a good view from wherever you sat. it's big enough to give you that exciting arena big concert feel, but it's also small enough it's really easy to find your way around. plus, you can smoke INSIDE which is crazy.

we arrived in enough time to mingle about in the beer drinking circumfrence of the arena, and run into at least 10 or so people we knew, which is always a treat at any big show you're excited for. by the time we made it back to our seats, there wasn't too long to wait. from the moment the arena was sent into pitch blackness, my entire body broke out into goosebumps, and stayed that way for rest of the show. of course, from the first note, i had to have a group of about 6-8 stupid dumbass mill-abouts stand DIRECTLY in front of me, discussing amongst themselves oh i don't know, what would be the perfect angle to COMPLETELY block my view, with no sign of moving anytime soon, but fortunately, we decided to forego our seats altogether, and made our way up to the top level to take full advantage of the dancing space. which we did.

they started the show off with a killer man maschine (clad in the man maschine black suit, red shirt ensemble), complete with a HUGE movie screen (ran the full length of the stage) display to match the song. it was enough to make me both wish i was, and feel like i was on acid. the sound in the arena was great, i was pleasantly surprised with the fullness of it, since sometimes the sound in arena shows (esp. far back) is sketchy to say the least.

they then proceeded to continue to completely kick our ass, kraut styles, with more breathtaking footage for each song. their new stuff is REALLY good -- it's really amazing after all this time they're the ones making new leaps & bounds in that realm of music.

miss pink & i collectively neared collapse at the first notes of radioactivity (we were both literally forced into hands-on-knees-head-down-to-avoid-hyperventilating position), that song gets us weak when it's on the radio, to see it live (especially for a second time), is almost too much to handle. the other irritating distraction of the night happened at that very point in time. a group of skipping, high school age DUMBASSES (golly i wanted to kick them. hard.) came meandering up DIRECTLY in front of us, so they could jerk around like total jackasses, gosh they pissed me off, so that was a bit of an interruption, but we found a new spot immediately. i guess they decided to share their loserdom with more people there, by skipping around to bother other folks, so we were able to get our spots back eventually, but grrrrr. fortunately, they and the stupid millabouts at the beginning were the only major dumbass encounters of the night. for the most part, the crowd was pretty cool, and just as it was last time i saw kraftwerk, very interesting to see the people it consisted of. just about every walk of life was represented.

in addition to a few new tracks (notably, vitamin, a gem for sure!), they played quite a few favourites. pocket calculator, i believe this is the one that switched right into computerland, tour de france, we are the robots ("performed" by 4 robots with moving arms & eerily real looking mannequin heads, as you can see in the pic above), and the show was closed appropriately with music nonstop.

i was saddened to see the complete lack of girlie sized t-shirts, but i guess that isn't entirely bad, i managed to save myself $30, and hey, there's always that internet thing. a thought to the people in charge of ordering merch for bands though (ahem, cough, cough, velvet, cough, cough, haha), don't forget about the ladies coming to the shows. i mean seriously, where do you really want your band name/logo advertised -- on some scruffy guy, or on the chest of a lady? let me put it this way, whose chest is going to get looked at more? ;)

anyway. all in all a fantastic show. the video displays and lighting tricks were great, as were the costume changes. a deaf person would have enjoyed the show completely, there was that much to look at. i feel really lucky to have made it to this one, seeing kraftwerk the first time changed my life, the second time made me just as happy to be alive. it's amazing that they can write a song with maybe one full sentence worth of lyrics that gets your brain thinking about so many huge and important things. kraftwerk rocks. i hope they live to see another tour for sure.

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