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  1. Sari and I saw the show last night in Buffalo. It was a sparse crowd, felt like about 300 people. They played lots of tunes, plenty of new ones (incl. Pulaski), and Patterson noted they played a few rare ones too. He said this as a lead-in to 'Daddy Needs A Drink'. In all, they played close to two hours. We had a great time in the front row. The crowd was polite but a little tame, aside from one douchebag who got scolded by Patterson. Anyhow, looking forward to the next ones in TO and Wloo!
  2. That was a pretty entertaining show! There's got to be some iphone vids out there; I saw lots of folks taping them. I agree, I definitely got the feeling they weren't totally familiar with each other and saw them stumble at times. But, at other points their synchronicity was fantastic. Yep - go get your $17 worth. I stood front row for the first half and was mesmerized by Hunter's playing. Either of his hands (fret or pluck) was astounding to watch.
  3. Is Schwipping Prost still on? I heard half the group took off to Coloschwado.
  4. Count me in for this show... been listening to Jaga Jazzist all morning at work
  5. Thanks! Some good Saturday mornin' tunes on there
  6. Puttin' my money on this one, but from the other perspective, "Seems here their rider calls for 40oz. of Jack Daniels... better cancel the show!"
  7. I'll be in the gallery, Row B (for $85). Ouch.
  8. it's unlikely you need to tape pennies to the headshell. you should be able to set the tracking weight (balance) by adjusting the counter-weight on the other end of the tone arm. i would clean the stylus before replacing it. however, if its damaged, you only need to replace the stylus, not the entire cartridge... unless you're looking to upgrade the cartridge/stylus combo. you can take the stylus off the cartridge, take it to the store for inspection, cleaning and a possible replacement. it should slide off with ease. the turntable guy i spoke to suggested cleaning the stylus after every 4 or 5 albums, or if albums are brand new, after each album - since new records have a factory residue that is picked up by the needle. i clean it once a month or so. I'm sure there are varying opinions about what to clean and how often.. i rarely clean/brush my records anymore, and just let the needle sweep dust out of the way.
  9. Clean your stylus (needle). I used some of this, and records that once skipped no longer skip. If the stylus is damaged you may need to replace it, but it's definitely dirty! http://www.turntableneedles.com/Nagaoka-AM-801-Stylus-Cleaner-_p_3857.html
  10. http://www.masseyhall.com/eventdetail?eventId=775 Friends First: Wed, Mar 9th Public onsale: Fri, Mar 11th
  11. first pulled row C, all the way on the right aisle, so i let 'em go.. then got shut out. kept pluggin' and finally got two in row A, seats 13, 18 FRONT ROW CENTRE!! WOOFUCKINHOOO!!!
  12. there's a presale on wilco ticketing (frontgate) wednesday feb 2, at 10am http://wilco.frontgatetickets.com/
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