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Simon Wilcox (Dave's daughter) Tuesday - Casbah


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I used to be in school with Simon. grade 7 & 8. we did a kickass project together in grade 8, i played the ghost of a perverted old Confederate, to her young school girl, truly classy. She got me into the Cure, and I got her into Wayne's World. Although she didn't admit that David was her dad until late grade 8, David Wilcox came to our grade 8 grad in a limo with a hottie. Shes talented as hell. Good to see shes kept at it!! music is definitley in her blood.

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(from Macleans Magazine)

There's something about Simon Wilcox. The 24-year-old musician has a wide smile and infectious laugh. She loves gossipy tales and readily embarrasses herself for the sake of a story. Yet, nothing is simple with Wilcox. She was born in Hamilton after her 19-year-old mother, Sadia, went into labour while dancing at a Toronto bar and was driven to McMaster University's underwater birthing facilities by Prairie Oyster's keyboard player Joan Besen. Wilcox was raised in Ottawa because her father, Canadian rocker David Wilcox, asked a friend to take care of his daughter so that he & her mother could continue touring. And she is based nowhere-but is currently living with friends in Toronto while recording her second album, Annie Crinoline. The CD follows the life of a childhood friend, a teen hooker who ran away and was beaten to death in a Toronto hotel room. "She was turned out of the house at 10 years old," says Wilcox. "I really identified with her. There was somebody else who had been forgotten."

Wilcox's music, at once sad and triumphant, is drawing a large fan base and, against all odds, she's actually making a living playing guitar. "I want to take this as far as I can go," says Wilcox, the grit in her voice at odds with her sweet smile.

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very sweet night of music

Simon (pronounced like the guy's name) is totally down to earth and personable on stage and off. really finely crafted songs. very cool shit if you enjoy songwriters (her guitar and rhodes players rock as well)

for the end of the night the band made up a song for us and jammed away, thereby winning my heart

she's playing tonight in Ottawa if you're looking for something different and worthwhile to see

Hunter also played a great set with a few new songs thrown in, though she was feeling faint from the fat lip the sound guy gave her by accident adjusting her mic, poor girl... aside from that her songs and keyboards are spellbinding

pics to follow

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