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You Know What Sucks?


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AIR, i wish the stupid trees and whatever else would stop making it, and whats the deal with the ozone layer? like what gives? if the shoot a space ship into space does it make a hole in the ozone layer? and is there still a guy living the the russian space station? i woner if he has like a playstation or something, i bet i would go crazy up there, imagine if you had weed, and you were all fucked up and you were floting with no gravity! i bet i would puke everywhere! do you think if you puked on 0 gravity the puke would just float around in a big pool? that would be cool, then you could just take a bag and catch it all, it would sure beat cleaning carpet! i'm really drunk!!! what the deal with koolaid? its not really kool, and its doesn't really aid you? well actuall i guess if you were really hot, and it had ice in it i could be pretty kool, and if you were dying of dehydration it ciuld aid you, so i guess i answered my own question. i hope i don't feel sick tommorow, i think i may have drunken to mush. i am going to bed now

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