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esau my good man! your assistance...


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since you are always patient with my technology problems i thought i would ask you, how do you burn a dvd file onto a disc? or play it or anything? i've got that dylan show just sitting on my desktop and i don't know what to do with it!


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where did you save it to? if its downloaded there should be a file somewhere on your drive thats the result of the completed download

(note: I'm no Esau, I don't know how to burn a dvd but might be able to help you at least view it)

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lol ::

if you right click on the file then hit "properties" it should tell you the file name, then at the end of the file name there should be an extension (ie - meggo.mpg)... that'd be your video file... depending on what type of file it is will depend on what type of player you need to view it

also, if you right click on it and select "Open With..." then choose Realplayer or Winamp or Windows Media that might get it going for you

gotta split and get some work done so I can get some free time for the weekend... sorry if I filled you with false hope, Esau is really the skilled technician in these areas

good luck!

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Hey Meggo,

The Dylan DVD Torrent shoul have also saved a folder somewhere on your computer. My folder is called <Bob Dylan Toronto 031904 DVD> inside this folder is another folder called VIDEO_TS. This is the file the folder that you burn to a DVD. If you do not have a DVD burner you need to convert the files found inside into something playable on your PC. Sorry I am a MAC guy. I have a program that I can simply view these VIDEO_TS folders as though they were discs. Anyhow there is lots of help over on DVDR - VCD - SVCD Help Site

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