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A Fahrenheit 9/11 review


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Fahrenheit 9/11

By Mark Ames




IF YOU DO not see this movie, you are a coward. Based on the preview, Fahrenheit 9/11 will serve up one of the greatest portraits of a hateful villain, George W. Bush, in the history of cinema.

In the preview, we see Bush bragging before a black-tie dinner gathering of Wall Street billionaires, "Some people call you the elite. I call you my base." Yuk-yuk-yuk, the billionaires laugh in appreciation. You can't stop him! "This is an impressive crowd," the president says. "The haves, and the have-mores." The live studio plutocrats explode with self-celebratory laughter, while the movie audience will start to feel violent, illegal impulses.

The real kicker comes at the end, when Bush, standing outdoors wearing a striped polo shirt, resolutely tells the cameras, "I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers." Then, assuming the cameras have stopped rolling, the War President clutches a golf club and boasts, "Now, watch this drive." And drive that golf ball he does.

Michael Moore is a masterful propagandist, so good that I'm pretty sure even five years from now, when the blue helmets enter America in order to "stabilize the situation," picking through the ruins of this destroyed empire, they will come across Moore's movie and marvel at this once-great culture, and shake their heads at the shame in seeing it self-destruct over such sleaze and stupidity.

In just a couple minutes of Fahrenheit's preview time, your hatred of Bush will reach levels so dangerous that you may want to turn yourself in to the Dept. of Homeland Security directly upon exiting the theater. In fact I would advise the Secret Service to monitor the activities, behavior and brainwave functions of each and every viewer of this movie—they should not hesitate to take extreme measures, including preemptive strikes.

It's true. My guess is that this movie will give a lot of would-be heroes in America a purpose. In Michael Moore's hands, Bush looks set to take his place on the AFI hall of fame list of cinema villains alongside Nurse Ratched and Norman Bates, although I would say Bush is closer to the sleazy Nevada senator played by Dick Smothers in Casino (or for that matter the sleazy Nevada senator in Godfather II.)

If you know anyone who still supports Bush, then it is your duty to tie them up, carry them down to the theater on opening night, sit them in a chair, tweeze their eyes open

A Clockwork Orange-style and force them to watch George Bush in all of his hideous splendor. Just make sure you bring some eyedrops.


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My whole self is tingling in anticipation of seeing this movie. Can't wait!

It's cool that these documentaries are so popular these days, eg "The Corporation" and "Super Size Me" etc. Michael Moore is responsible for this, I think, and it's great. It shows that we humans care for our world and ourselves, and we know that things are going wrong.

Can't wait for this one!!!!

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