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Perseid meteor shower peaks overnight


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(SPACE.com) -- A fine display of shooting stars is underway and peaks overnight Wednesday into early Thursday morning. Astronomers expect the 2004 Perseid meteor shower to be one of the best versions of the annual event in several years.


Viewer's Guide: Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 11-12


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yays, we were watching that last night in the backyard over beers... had some high school buddies by... like a shooting star every 8-10 minutes

last year I drove way past Guelph to find a window in the clouds but only got to see one leonid (though I was happy to get at least one!)

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Strange,we were out until 1am last night in Dunnville on lake Erie and the cloud cover/rain kept us from seeing anything from 10pm to then,guess we should have remained in steeltown.....

Guess you guys got really lucky,CH news was saying it was a shame we didn't have clearer sky's last night.I must know your secret...

Awww, well we're off to Rockton today/tonight for a hike,BBQ, clothing exchange (barter/trade gathering) etc and beers,perhaps we'll hit it tonight.

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