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Phish Summer 2003


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Some other posts on recent show reviews got me thinking ....

I still think Phish Summer 2003 has got to be the benchmark for any band post hiatus. It is a culmination of 20 years playing together and all the different musical styles they have touched on in their careers:

jazzyness (88-89)

tight playing (90-93)

rockin' exploration (94-95)

phunk (97-98)

space loops (99-00)

All of these other bands (WSP/ABB) are excellent bands that jam. But I still cannot put them on the same level as Phish or the Dead for that COSMIC LEVEL.

That said, Phish's 2003 Summer Tour makes me sick as to (on all levels) how hot that tour was. I've heard all the shows several times, and when you factor in:


2)song selection

3)song performance (composed part(s) of song(s)) and

4) cosmic-ness

you'd be hard pressed to find any band at that level of excellency (consistently) for an entire tour. Then to even step it up a notch for 70,000 phreaks at IT.

What other band has done that?


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this last phish tour sounds great!

i've been to several phish shows from 1993-2004 and each phase has had a great quality.

this last tour has kicked serious ass. i really don't see how someone could not appreciate it.

i think 1994 was my next favorite year.

who knows....each to his/her own.

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