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Warren Haynes - Solo Acoustic - 08-09-04 - BT


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d102. Patchwork Quilt & d208. Dreams To Remember

Beautiful.Tearfully beautiful,I can only imagine what the encore brings,I haven't brought myself to listening to it yet,giving the first two sets a listen again first...

anyone seen warren from darien pop up yet? still looking...

What was the date on the Darien show?

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I'm looking to,a friend from Germany is visiting,and I guess she was there so I'd like to get it for her also.

I've put out the word in the usual places so hopefully it'll pop up soon or I'll get a tip where.

Have you checked bt.easytree? I haven't yet..

Its a sign up site but a great one,its where most of the STG shows were being seeded during the revamp of the site,tons of great sh!t there and best of all there is a share ratio there so the leeches who don't share get booted quick.


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