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Thursday August 19th Clinton's Toronto.......


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This Thursday Mike Filipowitsch(BNB) will bringing his band of acoustic and electric music to Clinton's Bar in toronto. This Bill will aso include "the Reels" who are travelling all the way from nova scotia. If that's not enough friend Neil Orzak will be bringing his energatic set of acoustic favourites to the table as well. All in all we've got a great night of music for you! So we hope to see you there...thursday Aug. 19th Clinton's! Thanks for your time MIke filipowitsch [color:"green"] [color:"black"] [color:"black"] [color:"black"] [color:"black"] [color:"black"] [color:"black"] [color:"black"]

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Thank you for the tip...the west coast tour was really something else, maybe one of the best times I have ever had on tour, I thought we played great and I thought that the yukon was paradise....cheers and I hope all is well with you as well and that you hve had an amazing summer so far. Mikey

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