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some consolation for zero


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Today in Music History:

Aug. 17, 1969... While attending Woodstock, Abbie Hoffman attempted to take over the stage to exhort the crowd with Yippie rants during The Who's performance, but was roundly booed for interrupting the music.

Guitarist Pete Townsend facilitated his exit by bashing Hoffman over the head with a guitar.

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Seriously all my little bitches should be glad that I keep them so stocked up on stories to talk about. If we left it to all the limp dick vegans I can only imagine how fu©king grim things would get. Scarf dancing forever!

Around a campfire

brah: 'Hey do you guys want to play another Indigo Girls song?'

bra: 'Hell yeah how 'bout Romeo and Juliet?'

brah: 'Braaaaaaaah'

bra: 'Braaaaaaaaa'

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