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Canabian Day (Saturday)


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hey every one, if your around you should come check out canabian day, its going on this saturday at queens park from 12 to 8

there is infor on there site


there is also one going on in hamilton and niagra falls. its should be a huge turn out, and there will be lots of speakers, bands, and vendors at all three

so come by and say hi, i'll be working my last festival there before i leave so it might be you last chance to see me

hope to see you all there

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I can appreciate what ya'll are doin (especially being a person fighting for his medicinal) but what a sh!tty spot to have the evening celebrations,ya know,with central police station only a block away and all.Hope it all goes well,thats a sketchy area to begin with,aside from central police station being in sight.(in Hamilton I mean)

I'll be in a canoe up north that day so,I will not be able to attend.

Smoke one for me there J-Roc,I'll be burning one in the woods.

Cheers ::

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yeah it was a huge bust,, the cops shut us down and beat / arrested two minors, ! for holding up a sign,, and the other for getting in the cops way. i saw both of the getting hit by the police and treated in a most unfair way. the cops went against our rights, and were happy about it.

its not the last anyone is going to hear about this

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