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"What I try to do, among other things, is to mix fantasy and spirituality, sexuality, humor and poetry in combinations that have never quite been seen before in literature. And I guess when a reader finishes one of my books -- provided the reader does finish the book

-- I would like for him or her to be in the state that they would be in after a Fellini film or a Grateful Dead concert . Which is to say that they've encountered the lifeforce in a large, irrepressible and unpredictable way and as a result their sense of wonder has been awakened and all of their possibilities have been expanded." - Tom Robbins

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Nice, I love Tom Robbins, can't get enough!!

Someone the other day was speculating that Tom Robbins is actually a pen name and he is actually a she. If that actually turned out to be the case it wouldn't really surprise me that much. Something about the way he writes, could definitely be from a female point of view...

"Fierce Invalids Home From Hot Climates" definitely my fav!

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I've read all his books numerous times...My personal favorite author! and he is definately a male......he lives in a small town just north of Seattle off the I-5 called La Connor and he does readings throughout the area...you may notice that a great number of his books take place in the Pacific Northwest....(ie - Switter's Grandma lives on the harbour in North Seattle in Fierce Invalids.......The Hot Dog stand is on the I-5 in Another Roadside Attraction (my personal favorite book).

He has a zen writing style in that he writes his books sentence by sentence....purposely avoiding thinking about how the story will progress. Working in the moment, sentence by sentence, page by page...when he is done a page, he sends it to his editor who locks it away. His edict is to never change a page that is written.

for example:

The opening line to Another Roadside Attraction is "The Magician's underwear has just been found in a cardboard suitcase floating in a stagnant pond on the outskirks of Miami......" He types that one line and then spends the rest of the book himself discovering who the Magician is and how his underwear came to be in that suitcase in Miami....he looks back at what he wrote, but he never plans ahead to what will happen. Sometimes he spends a week on one sentence, sometimes he gets several pages done in one day.....

The guy puts out a book every 5 years or so....and is a frickin genius IMO, Don't let "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" steer you away....his worst book, and a horrible movie!

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