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Friday Morning Confession


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I think I'm a memory stealer. I always get caught regurgitating other peoples memories. The worst part of it is that I truly believe that they are my memories. Somebody tells me a story when I'm fu©ked up and I change it a little in my mind to my own story erasing the orginal storytellers "fingerprint" from it. Does this happen to anybody else?


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I've caught people doing that before......

I'll be standing there thinking to myself....wow "Billy" just told that same story except it was him not you......Nice try though buddy!!!

And most of the time the person will seem totally oblivious that they've just entered someone else's identity!

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I think that happens to everybody to some degree. When I was a teenager, my mom was really strict and I wasnt allowed to go out too often and my friends would tell me the stories of parties and trips to Toronto, which was cool, but they would also say thing to me like"hey, do you remember that time when we went to Toronto...bla bla...and I had heard the stories, I knew exactly what she was talking about, I felt like I had experienced it but I was not allowed to go, therefore, did not firsthand experience the trip...but a lot of the time I felt like I remembered it but it was annoying at the same time because I knew I did not.

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