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2 nights ago I flipped on the tube around 3 am and there was all this live footage on CNN of the mosque al-Sadr is holed up in because it had been bombed after being surrounded by civilians to end the bloodshed (mostly from american fire)... so they're (CNN) asking all this background info about the people there from a female reporter on site then lead into where the bombs came from to which she replies that hundreds of witnesses saw the rockets come from the american compound, which shuts CNN right up and suddenly they break off coverage after a half hour

next day on CNN, hardly even any reporting on the subject

Al-Sadr said 5 days ago they'd leave the mosque and started putting down their arms, only problem was that anyone who dared leave the mosque was promptly gunned down by the americans

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buddy's last entry in his blog apperently:

27.08.04 - Enzo's Testament

"[At my funeral] I want people to smile -- did you notice? Funerals always end up with someone smiling: it's natural, it's Life taking over Death. And let people smoke freely anything they like; I'd also be pleased if new love stories would come out, and I'd even consider some aloof sex as an offer to Life rather than an offense to Death.

At about eight-nine o'clock, with little or no cerimonials, bring my coffin silently to the crematory, while the party and the music should last until late night.

About my ashes... throw them into the sea, I'd say. Or do as you want, who fu©king cares."

in italian

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